Project Started: April 10, 2020

Church Online Launch

Launching a digital campus to minister during the pandemic

Church Online Facebook Group

As many churches did during the pandemic, Grace faced a tough problem having to close their doors during the midst of rising cases in New York. We had been working on Church online or a “digital campus” for about a year and a half but hadn’t yet had the chance to pull the trigger.

Facing the reality of closing our doors we had only one option; to launch Church Online for the first time and give attendee’s a place to continue to be the Chruch during the pandemic. Our choice was to use CHOP (Church Online Platform) and pre-record services getting the word out using social media; including a new Facebook group to engage members of the Church in meaningful spiritual conversation throughout the week.


To build the digital tools to allow Church to happen in an online way. To let attendees at Grace know of the new online services and make it easy for them to attend online.

Skills Used
Campaign Marketing
Social Media
Web Technical

Social Media
Web Design

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